Most Viewed Stories of 2012

1: Sheriff: Ronald Dean Davis Dies At UNC Hospital From Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound

Star, NC -- The Montgomery County Sheriff says Ronald Dean Davis, 50, the suspect in the McBride Lumber Company shooting has died.
Published January 14, 2012

2: Betty Broderick's Son Calls Her Dangerous At Parole Hearing

Chino, CA-- Former San Diego socialite Betty Broderick was denied parole for fatally shooting her ex-husband and his new wife in their bed in 1989. During the 5-hour hearing, Broderick's own four children were divided on whether she should be set free.
Published November 13, 2011

3: Local Weather Forecast

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4: Vote For Our FFF "Game Of The Week"

Friday Football Fever

Each week, we selected three high school football games and you got to pick which one should be our lead game in the show. Voting for high school football is over but check out USA Today High School Sports for more great high school sports coverage.
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5: NFL Rule Change: No More Kickoffs?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was the subject of a cover profile in an issue of TIME that focuses on his mission to make football safer.
Published December 6, 2012

6: Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses On It

Collier County, Florida -- Have you heard the one about a homeowner foreclosing on a bank? Well, it has happened in Florida and involves a North Carolina based bank.
Published June 5, 2011

7: Police Stop Cannibal Attack On Florida Highway

Miami, FL -- Disturbing details and surveillance video were released in an incident off a Florida highway that involved naked men and cannibalism. The incident ended with an officer fatally shooting one of the men.
Published May 28, 2012

8: DNA Taken From Pitbull That Raped 2-Year-Old


Lockport, NY -- Police say DNA has been taken from the pitbull that attacked a toddler by allegedly sodomizing it.
Published July 24, 2007

9: Truck Driver After 28 Years Of Sun Damage

Sun damage

An image published in an issue of the New England Journal of Medicine could be a powerful message to support the warnings of skin cancer. It paints a clear picture of what kind of damage the sun can cause a person's skin.
Published June 4, 2012

10: Douglas And Ladonna French Killed, Whitley French Injured In Reidsville Home Invasion

Reidsville, NC -- The Rockingham County Sheriff's Department investigated a home invasion that left two people dead and their daughter injured in the Bethany community near Reidsville.
Published February 5, 2012

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