Greensboro Police Lieutenant Suing City

9:10 PM, May 30, 2008   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The officer at the center of the infamous Greensboro Police Department scandal is suing the city of Greensboro. Lieutenant James Hinson is seeking damages in excess of $30,000.  Click here to read the lawsuit.

Hinson was the first to accuse former police chief David Wray of discrimination. Wray later resigned.

Hinson claims David Wray and others in police administration "maliciously conspired to ruin his reputation based on his race."   The case dates back to 2003 when Hinson said police began to follow him without good reason while he was on the job. He claimed a member of GPD's Special Intelligence Division placed a tracking device on his car. Hinson claimed Wray, the deputy chief, and members of special intelligence "had it in" for black police officers, and were following him just in case he violated police procedure.

Shortly thereafter, the city of Greensboro discovered the so-called "black-book," a binder containing pictures of black police officers. Wray claimed the binder was put together as part of a multi-jurisdictional investigation. Hinson's attorney says the book was shown to informants in an effort to quote "wrongfully charge black officers with crimes."

Hinson says he's suffered discrimination, a damaged reputation and has been deprived of professional advancement as a result.
His attorney is asking for a jury trial and he wants the city of Greensboro, David Wray and Wray's deputy chief to pay him damages in excess of $30,000. 

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