Police In Reidsville Investigate City's Second Murder

4:59 PM, Sep 25, 2008   |    comments
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Reidsville, NC--Reidsville police are investigating the second homicide of the year in the city. 20 year old Lawrence “Lee-Lee” Hayes was found murdered early Thursday morning on a sidewalk on North Washington Street.

Police say they also found 22 year old Eric Quinell Turner, Jr. with gunshot wounds to his leg. The telecommunications center said they received several back-to-back calls on E-911 that multiple shots were fired in the vicinity of Washington Avenue.

Officers arrived within three minutes and discovered Hayes unconscious and bleeding on the sidewalk. Turner, who was shot in the leg, was transported from the scene by EMS and taken directly to an area hospital for treatment.

Police taped off the area as crime scene and widened extended it when it was discovered that several stray rounds hit two homes within 100 feet of the scene. Officers made contact with all the residents and determined that no one was injured.

The department is being assisted in its investigation and crime scene processing by the North Carolina S.B.I. Spent shell casings and other evidence was seized at the crime scene, as officers and agents waited for daylight to widen their search of the area. Deputies from the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office assisted with security at Annie Penn Hospital.

Investigators have interviewed several people and received calls at the department regarding names of persons of interest in the case. No motive has been established in the shooting as police continue with interviews over the morning on Thursday.

Hayes, who was well-known by authorities, was arrested by Reidsville police in February of 2005 in the shooting death of LeCharleston “L.C.” Broadnax. Hayes went to prison for the murder and was released in 2006, and was currently on probation for other weapons charges.

Anyone with information relating to this crime is asked to call:
Reidsville Police main number at 336.349.1010

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