Trial Begins Involving Greensboro Police Officer

7:00 PM, Feb 16, 2009   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- An officer at the center of the Greensboro police scandal is on trial this week.

Scott Sanders faces a judge and jury accused of illegally accessing a government computer.

Prosecutors say he used a federal computer assigned to a Greensboro police officer working with a federal drug task force.

That officer sued the city of Greensboro for alleged civil rights violations as did dozens of other officers, based in part on what the RMA report says about Sanders' activities.

The report says Sanders used prostitutes to contact black police officers in an attempt to get them to engage in prostitution.

The same report claims Sanders operated with little or no supervision as his unit focused almost exclusively on investigating black police officers.

And it says many of those investigations were unsubstantiated

RMA consultants also determined Sanders created the infamous "Black Book," a photo line-up containing 19 black police officers.

Sanders originally formed the line-up to investigate an officer accused of hiring a prostitute. But officers say that book was used to conduct unfounded investigations against them.

Sanders does not face any charges for those accusations. In fact, investigations by law enforcement found no evidence beyond what lead to the computer charge.

If convicted, sanders could serve up to 16 months in prison.

And several key players in the police scandal appear on the potential witnesses in this case against Sanders.

They include police officer Julius Fulmore, the officer who was assigned the computer in question and who has since sued the city of Greensboro alleging civil rights violations by GPD.

And former Deputy Chief Randall Brady is scheduled to testify.

And the RMA report says Brady was Sanders' direct supervisor and was very aware of his activities.

Attorneys were close to seating a jury in Sanders' case late this afternoon.

Testimony could begin as early as tomorrow.

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