Emails Reveal Multiple Recruiting Allegations Against Northern Guilford

10:38 PM, May 14, 2009   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC --  Emails obtained by 2 Wants to Know show there's been a long running rumor in Guilford County about Northern Guilford's recruiting practices.

And they show how the recruiting may have happened.

It seems the first person to blow the whistle was Northwest High School Athletic Director John Hughes.

In September 2007, Hughes wrote the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

Saying he had "some very big concerns" about boys basketball coach Stan Kowalewski.

In another email to the school district, Hughes says Kowalewski was "actively recruiting and enrolling students at Northern who are not in the Northern attendance zone."

He alleges Northern brought in a "very talented freshman from Yanceyville."

And goes on to say, "This player's father was given a job at Northern as a custodian, which suggests the Northern administration is also involved."

Kowalewski responded by suing Hughes for defamation.

And in 2008, former Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier investigated the claims and found quote, "no violations."

Yet it wasn't long before more rumors started flying in the district.

Months later the principal of Northeast High School wrote, "We have had a rash of students who say they are being recruited to go to Northern High School."

This time to play football.

Eastern Guilford's football coach said Northern's coach recruited all of Guilford County, taking one of his players and, "eight kids from Northeast that would have started for that team."

Even Grimsley's principal learned from her registrar that two football players and a baseball player withdrew from Grimsley and checked in at Northern.

And this year, Ragsdale's basketball coach wrote a colleague saying Northern recruited "five players" saying an unnamed player was quote, "the only one they got.

So how would these coaches recruit?

Northwest Athletic Director John Hughes alleged in a 2007 complaint that Northern basketball coach Stan Kowalewski, "paid for out of state trips, meals, air fare and other items that most other schools only dream about providing their kids with our limited budgets."

I talked with the head of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

She told me a coach can spend as much as they want on their players.

It may be an unfair advantage for getting recruits, but is not a violation of state rules.

Coach Kowalewski denies any wrongdoing as does the baseball coach Johnny Smith.

Kowalewski said, "I've heard these rumors forever and to me they're pretty funny."

He says the school raised money for trips, shoes and locker room amenities.

He's threatening legal action against anyone who made false allegations against him.

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