Northern Guilford Coach Answers Tough Questions

6:40 PM, May 15, 2009   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Northern Guilford basketball coach Stan Kowalewski has been one of the main targets of recent recruiting allegations. His team was stripped of its state championship title after the district discovered an ineligible player.

2 Wants to Know's Frank Mickens sat down with Kowalewski to get answers. In the interview the coach defends himself against allegations of recruiting.

"I think the emails coming out is great," say Kowalewski. "In the emails where people actually contacted me and I responded to them and said I can't talk to them until they are actually enrolled at the school.  I think we showed that we played by the book."

When asked about the athletes on the team, the coach says that all the players moved into the district except for two who were reassigned to the school.

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Kowalewski say parents of some of his players intend to meet with the state high school athletic association. They say the district can't prove northern administrators "should have known" there were ineligible players.

Kowalewski says, by rule, a school that unknowingly has an ineligible player can retain it's title.

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