Greensboro Ranked Number 4 For Ugliest Men

4:11 PM, Oct 21, 2009   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Guys in the Gate City aren't going to like this one.

A website called ranked Greensboro as one of the top eight ugliest cities for men. Number four to be exact.

A researcher for the study says poor dental health and obesity rates made the difference for Greensboro. She says her company considered how often men go to the dentist, along with smoking rates and obesity rates.

Greensboro orthodontist Mark Reynolds says men make up the smallest group of patients in his office. He says low insurance coverage is probably a factor.

"It's becoming more of an optional luxury to some families where people... have to choose between making their mortgage, making their grocery bill, or going to see the dentist," said Dr. Reynolds. "They're choosing not to take care of their bodies unfortunately."

But even he's surprised at the study.

"You know I gotta believe there are some good looking guys that didn't get counted out there," he said, chuckling.

According to the site, the list is based on not only looks, but brains, lungs (if you smoke), fat and teeth.  Along with these elements, the website cites another ranking from which ranks Greensboro as the #2 least sexually active city.

Here's the list in it's entirety:

8. Houston, TX
7. Philadelphia, PA
6. Detroit, MI
5. Mobile, AL and Huntington, WV (tie)
4. Greensboro, NC
3. Miami, FL
2. Hagerstown, MD
1. El Paso, TX

    If you would like to see this study, click here.

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