Susie's Law Campaigns Door-to-Door

6:15 PM, Mar 14, 2010   |    comments
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Guilford County, NC -- The case of a puppy burned, beaten and left to die is fuel for a new law, Susie's Law. 

Earlier in March of 2010, a judge sentenced 21-year-old LaShawn Whitehead to 4 to 6 months in prison for burning personal property.  He was sentenced a 4 to 5 month suspended sentence for animal cruelty.

Susie's supporters are angry about the "4 to 5 month suspended sentence" and want the law changed.  On Sunday, supporters went door-to-door campaigning for their cause.  "We're going out into the community and spreading the word about Susie's Law.  We're trying to get the laws changed to get stiffer penalties for animal abuse," explains Donna Lawrence, Susie's new owner.
Every home owner who was willing to listen was given a packet explaining the new law.  "We hope that they write letters to our state representatives and our senators and our legislatures to let them know we want to see a change in our animal cruelty laws," says Roberta Wall who helped create and distribute the packets.
"What we want to do is get it to a Class F felony, so that somebody will serve jail time for doing to a dog or animal what was done to Susie," says Mary Ed Banner, a community member in support of Susie.
Walls says people picked up around 4000 of the flyers to hand out door-to-door in neighborhoods all across the Triad, but it didn't stop there, "It's amazing.  It's completely amazing that this many people want to be involved in this." 

Mary Ed Banner says people all across the state have responded and want to help.  "The more letters we get, the more response we get and the more likely it is to happen quickly," says Banner, "We're not going to stop at all and Susie's not going to stop."

If you would like a copy of the packet, you can contact Roberta Wall at

Reported by: Ashley Smith

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