The Great Hang Up: Taking The Pledge

10:46 PM, May 5, 2010   |    comments
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Guilford County, NC -- WFMY News 2 started a campaign to get you to "hang up" your phone while driving. It's called the Great Hang Up.

It's no secret young people and driving can be a dangerous mix, considering wrecks are the leading cause of teen deaths.

So we took our campaign to end distracted driving to our schools, asking youth to take the pledge.

We showed Southern Guilford seniors our Great Hang Up Test Drive, where drivers failed to avoid road hazards while texting and talking behind the wheel.

Then, we put the students to the test. We asked them to walk through a simple course while texting. They had a hard time doing it.

We also showed them the story of one family who lost their daughter in a car wreck. The accident report shows she was texting while driving.

After those stories, most of the 100 students, took the Great Hang Up pledge.























WFMY News 2

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