Greensboro Council Member Proposes Tax Decrease

7:55 PM, Jun 8, 2010   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Greensboro City Council members are meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss the city's budget.

Council member Danny Thompson planned to outline his own proposed budget. He said it would cut about $1.5 million from the current proposed budget and allow funding $1.7 million for funding services ranging from loose leaf collection to keeping lakes open. It would also include $100,000 for the first time to the Children's Museum.

"A lot of the money is coming from budgeted expenses that may have been budgeted more than what we're actually spending either in a department or on a study."

Thompson also proposes a half-cent property tax decrease.

We would be one of the few or only cities in America that's having a tax decrease in this economic climate," he said.

"When you hear about a tax decrease, what we've got to realize is we have to cut something to get a decrease and a tax decrease could mean for a house of $100,000 a five dollar a year savings. Five dollars a year. So, what services are the citizens willing to cut further to save $5 a year on taxes?," said council member Zack Matheny.

Council member Robbie Perkins called Thompson's proposal a "publicity stunt." He said the council should not lower the tax rate because they would have to raise it again next year.

Thompson's proposal calls for a savings of $114,400 by delaying $1.3 million of 2006 "Other" Economic Development Projects bonds.

"The $1.3 million in other economic projects. That's a concern to me. We've got a lot of momentum with American Express coming in and a couple of other companies, FedEx, FedEx Ground, and we need to maintain that momentum," Matheny said.

Council members said they expect a lot of give and take at today's work session. A vote could come June 15, but Matheny said he does not want to rush the vote.

  Summary Of Thompson's Proposal 

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