Gibsonville Votes To Allow Sweepstakes Despite Upcoming State Ban

10:55 PM, Jul 12, 2010   |    comments
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UPDATE: Gibsonville Aldermen approved an amendment to an ordinance, allowing internet sweepstakes businesses to operate within town limits.

Gibsonville, NC -- Gibsonville Alderman were scheduled to vote Monday night on an ordinance change that would allow sweepstakes in the town limits, despite the state ban passed by legislators last week.

Dan Murray said even though the state ban would prevent him from operating after Dec. 1, he still plans to open up his business at 108 Eugene Street in the meantime.

The town's ordinance would allow the sweepstakes until the state ban takes effect.

Governor Bev Perdue has not signed the state ban it into law, even though she is expected to do so.

Murray said he is hoping the state ban will be appealed. Town Manager Ben Baxley said that possibility is one reason the town will go through with the public hearing on amending the town's ordinance to allow sweepstakes.

"Once the governor signs it, I understand there's a potential for challenges and that could got into court and take a couple of years potentially for it to be resolved," Baxley said.

The town's planning board recommended allowing the sweepstakes businesses prior to Monday's meeting.

WEB EXTRA: Read the proposed ordinance revision. 

WFMY News 2 spoke with people on both sides of the issue, including those that say Murray has the right to open up his business, and others who say it's gambling and should be illegal.

Jerome Naylor runs Gibsonville Hardware and Pawn Brokers near the planned sweepstakes business. He said he is fine with the business opening.

"It's bad when you're setting up a business and you've gone through the process of getting permits and all and find out it's going to be pulled out from under you," Naylor said.

Through the process of amending the development ordinance that prevented sweepstakes from operating in Gibsonville, town leaders found out a restaurant and a gas station already have sweepstakes-style games in town. Baxley said the ordinance amendment would also bring those businesses into compliance.


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