Immigration Enforcement Program Begins In Forsyth County Next Month

6:00 PM, Jul 27, 2010   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC -- A federal immigration program designed to secure communities is making one population feel targeted.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE is identifying illegal immigrants with the help of local law enforcement through a program called "Secure Communities". The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office will implement the program next month.

Major Brad Stanley says it involves sending electronic fingerprints to customs agents only when someone is arrested.

Marco Saucedo, owner of La Movidita radio station in Winston-Salem, says he is worried about members of the Latino community being singled out.

"I'm okay with all the criminal people go back to their country. The police do a very good job taking them back the criminals who deal with drugs, killing people stuff like that." says Saucedo. "But we also have to think about the good people that are here. Unfortunately illegal, but they are good people."

"No one is here to target or profile a certain community. We are here to enforce the laws of our society, and that's what we will do," Stanley stated. 

Twenty-six North Carolina counties already participate in the identification program.

Forsyth County is scheduled to begin the program August 11.  They will be the first Triad county to implement the program.

WEB EXTRA:  View locations where the program is in effect

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