Cary Allred Files As Write-In Candidate For Alamance County Commissioner

3:05 PM, Aug 4, 2010   |    comments
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Graham, NC -- Longtime politician Cary Allred is campaigning for office again. The announcement comes a month after a DWI arrest, and a year after he resigned as a state representative amid controversy.

Allred's wife filed paperwork Tuesday for him to be a qualified write-in candidate for Alamance County Commissioner. The election is this November.

According to a news release from Kathy Holland, board of elections director, Allred submitted 168 signatures. Of those, 155 were verified as eligible voters. That is enough to qualify Allred as a write-in candidate for the two-year unexpired term of County Commissioner. His name will not appear on the ballot.

"I think people need a conservative, tax payer friendly choice," Allred said.

To qualify, Allred needed at least 100 signatures.

"It's an uphill battle running a write-in campaign," Allred said.

He admits his recent arrest might also be a challenge.

"Anything like that hurts your reputation."

In late June, Burlington Police arrested Allred, charging him with DWI.

WFMY News 2 broke the story on For details on the arrest and Allred's response the day after, click here.

The day following the arrest, Allred said he was unsure if he would pursue becoming a write-in candidate.

"I am not guilty of the DWI charge. It's a charge, not a conviction," Allred said.

"My lawyer will ask for a continuance until the Burlington Police Department is investigated by the SBI for police harassment of me," Allred said. 

As he works to clear his name, Allred said he hopes his political reputation will overshadow the arrest.

"The voters have known for 30 years that I was the taxpayer's friend, that I did not vote to expand government, that I did not vote to expand taxes," he said.

Allred described himself as the most "constituent friendly" politician "who ever lived in Alamance County."

Allred held public office since being elected to the state senate in 1980 until he resigned as a house representative last year.

The resignation came amid allegations Allred inappropriately hugged a teenage female page. Allred denied any wrongdoing and said the page was a longtime friend of the family.

Allred served two two-year terms as a state senator. He was first elected as an Alamance County Commissioner in Nov. 1984. He was elected to three four-year terms, but did not serve the full length of his final term, because he left to be a state representative.

Allred said in March he planned to run as a candidate in the November 2010 elections for Alamance County Commissioner. The former Republican changed his party to unaffiliated the same week.

Alamance County Elections Director Kathy Holland said Allred's petition for candidacy would require 3,564 signatures. Holland said he didn't turn in a petition by Friday's noon deadline.

Allred had until noon Aug. 4 to submit 100 names to be considered a write-in candidate.


WFMY News 2

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