Internet Sweepstakes Ban In Effect But Police Aren't Enforcing It, Yet

7:31 PM, Dec 1, 2010   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Some internet sweepstakes businesses are promising to re-open in less than a week.   A law that bans them started December 1.

Some owners said they plan to launch a new type of sweepstakes software that conforms to the law.

Brad Crone, a spokesman for the North Carolina Entertainment Group said a ruling Tuesday by Guilford County Judge John Craig allows for the use of such software.

Scott Thomas, chairman of the Governor's Crime Commission and District Attorney for three coastal counties, said laws ultimately have to be reviewed and decided on by a judge.

"A law gets passed by the legislature. Then signed into law by the governor, and then the legislature adjourns. After that law is passed and signed by the governor, the people who are interested in continuing to do certain things will try to find loopholes in the law there's nothing new about that," explained Thomas. 

Thomas said the case could be decided by the Court of Appeals or eventually the NC Supreme Court.

A spokesperson said Attorney General Roy Cooper has long pushed for a ban on video poker and sweepstakes.  Attorneys will carefully review the most recent court rulings to determine what the next step will be.

She added Cooper's office is getting requests from law enforcement for guidance and is working on an opinion.

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