Are Super Bowl Commercials Worth The Money?

10:19 AM, Feb 7, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Thirty-seconds, one game and $3 million.  That's quite a price tag for one commercial during the Sunday's big game.

Michael Rodriguez is an assistant marketing professor at Elon University.  Rodriguez says the investment is worth it.

"The TV viewership of NFL games has increased 30% over the last few years so it's not whether they should be apart of the game; it's what they'll lose if they're not part of the Super Bowl," said Rodriguez.

You'll see advertisers use a lot of humor and celebrities in their commercials.  Rodriguez calls this effective advertising.  Using the combination, not only helps make viewers remember the commercial, but you also remember the product.

"The whole point of effective advertising is building brand awareness. And really trying to touch the heart and sprit of the commercial."

A good example of this is in the new Volkswagen commercial, where a young boy dresses up as Darth Vader and tries to use the "Force" to make items work, including his father's 2012 VW Passat.

"It's humorous, memorable and it's going after an audience who is looking to buy cars right now," said Rodriguez.  "This really hit home for myself because I have a little one and I can imagine my son trying to control a car or trying to put on a Darth Vader helmet. Also the movie, Star Wars going back years so it's something we can relate to."

In this instance Rodriguez is talking about Generation X - people in their 30's to mid-fifties who are ready to buy.

Viewers on voted this commercial one of the best from last night.  Rodriguez picked the Best Buy commercial featuring Justin Bieber, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne among a host of other celebrities the worst for the night. 

Rodriguez says to look for the cost of commercials during the Super Bowl to climb past $3 million of over the next few years.

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