Body Language Clues From Zahra Baker's Father

7:18 PM, Feb 22, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- In a case that seems to get more bizarre by the day, we're finding out what Zahra Baker's father is and isn't telling us about his daughter's death.

Monday, his Elisa Baker was charged with second degree murder in Zahra's death. Our news partner WBTV in Charlotte got an exclusive interview with Zahra's father, Adam Baker, after he heard the news. In it, Baker said he jumped for joy when he heard Elisa was indicted. He also claimed Elisa verbally and emotionally abused him during their marriage.

We know the words he said, but we wanted to know what his body language was telling us about him. We showed the video to body language expert Patti Wood. She saw what some people couldn't.

In the interview, Wood said she looked for what would be a normal reaction for people in Adam Baker's circumstance. "In this case, quite dramatically how calm his voice is throughout the interview," was one thing Wood noticed. She said his voice changed and he got irritated only when the reporter asked about Elisa Baker's many marriages. Wood said Adam Baker could be using the calm, restrained body language as a cover.

Wood also pointed out a moment when Adam Baker laughed during the interview. She said sometimes that's used as a cover, as well as anger.

When asked about the eye contact Baker was making with the reporter, Wood said "about the age of five, children learn to make eye contact when they're lying." Wood said she was more concerned about specific times when Adam Baker looked down and paused for long periods time. She said the information he was giving was more thoughtful and not fluid or spontaneously like it would be if he were telling the truth.

You can hear more from the body language expert in the attached video.

Zahra Baker's death investigation started in October when Adam Baker reported his daughter missing. Days later the amber alert turned into a homicide investigation. Soon after, Adam's wife Elisa Baker admitted to police she wrote a fake ransom note to throw off the investigation.

In November, investigators found Zahra's remains scattered in Caldwell County. Search warrants revealed Elisa Baker told police Zahra died in September, two weeks before she was reported missing.

Another twist in the case, in January, Elisa was indicted on bigamy charges. Records show she's been married seven times and to more than one man at a time on several occasions. Her marriage to Adam Baker was one of them.

Through all of this, Adam Baker has not been charged in his daughter's murder. He plans to one day return to his native Australia with Zahra's remains.

To find out more about Patti Wood click here.

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