Girl Describes Seeing Plane Crash Through Trees

4:40 AM, Apr 2, 2011   |    comments
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High Point, NC -- Many neighbors who live near the site where a plane crashed into a house heard the crash, but what one girl saw has her traumatized, she said.

Maris Marini, 13, was on the computer Wednesday evening in front of a window that faces the backyard. She said she heard something that sounded like thunder.

"I saw maybe two seconds of it and it just looked white, like a big white cylinder," she said of the plane she saw crashing through the trees.

"It was going so fast I really couldn't make out the image that it was. I just know that if it looked like a cylinder then maybe it lost some of its parts to it," she said.

Then she heard the explosion. She didn't have a view of the plane hitting the ground.

"It just kind of stopped my heart in a way, 'cause I don't deal with deaths that well and I just knew that someone had died when it exploded," said Maris.

The experience is taking a toll on her and her family.

"I woke up three times having the same exact dream and it was really hard for me because I was trying to think happy thoughts about it like if it didn't happen, but then it turned into like, 'what if I was outside when it happened?' and it really scared me," she said.

Her mom, Debi, said, "They didn't go to school the next day. I felt like they needed to have some down time and I tried to go to work and realized I couldn't focus with what I do so we were just exhausted."

"Had the pilot been off course a little bit more, it would have been a direct hit to where she was sitting, and that's a real scary thought of how close we came," said Debi.

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