Greensboro Bear Spotted Along Battleground Avenue

11:17 PM, May 24, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The Greensboro bear (@GreensboroBear) is on the move.

Around 11am, the bear was spotted in a tree along Battleground Avenue in an area between Cornwallis Drive and the Krispy Kreme Donuts store. 

Police are keeping people away from the area.

SLIDESHOW: Bear In Tree On Battleground Avenue (NEW)

A witness said parents were stopping and getting their children out of the car to get a closer look.

Police said the bear in not aggressive but are urging people to stay away from the area.  They said the bear will come down and leave when it no longer feels threatened.

Schools in the general vicinity have been notified as a precaution.   The area is just a few blocks from where a bear was spotted on Sunday.

Tuesday night, some residents whose yard faces the tree the bear was sitting in are concerned about the timeliness of authorities helping the bear return back to it's natural habitat.  

Sunshine Weatherby and Mike Tilley want either State Wildlife officials or Greensboro Police to tranquilize the bear.

Weathersby says if officials wait around the bear cub or a human could get hurt.

"I think they should come together. The police is saying it's their problem. They're saying it's the police's problem. They need to come in, they need to come together and they need to do the right thing- period," said Weatherby.

State Wildlife officials told WFMY News 2 that they're waiting on Greensboro Police to deal with the bear sightings. 

GPD said in a press release that it's the state wildlife's responsiblity.

Greensboro Police and wildlife officials have provided these tips to discourage bear activity in the city.

• Securing bags of trash inside cans stored in a garage, basement or other secure area, and placing the cans outside, as late as possible, on trash pick-up days - not the night before.

• Purchasing bear-proof garbage cans or bear proofing your existing garbage container with a secure latching system.

• Discontinuing the feeding wild birds during spring and summer, even with feeders advertised as "bear-proof." Bears are still attracted to seed that spills on the ground.

• Avoiding "free feeding" pets outdoors. If you must feed pets outdoors, make sure all food is consumed and empty bowls are removed.

• Cleaning all food and grease from barbecue grills after each use. Bears are attracted to food odors and may investigate.

Bear Spotted Over The Weekend

A bear cub was also spotted Saturday afternoon at Country Park. It was later seen running through business parking lots near New Garden Road and a neighborhood near Cornwallis Drive.

SLIDESHOW: GREENSBORO BLACK BEAR (Courtesy: WFMY News 2 Viewer David Schucker)

Officials with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission said the bear weighs anywhere between 60 and 80 pounds. Wildlife officials have spotted the bear but decided not to capture it at this time.

It's common to see bears wander further away from home this time of year, according to wildlife experts.

The state wildlife office estimates that bears can travel up to 10 miles a day.

If you come across a bear, don't chase him. Stay calm, don't startle him, and walk away slowly. When you are safe, call the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission's dispatch office to report it. The number is (919) 707-0030.


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