Wildlife Commission Won't Tranquilize Greensboro Bear

8:40 PM, May 25, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Wildlife officers said the best option to get a bear to leave Greensboro neighborhoods is to leave it alone.

On Tuesday, a black bear in a tree drew a lot of attention along Battleground Avenue.  Police said the bear was seen again early Wednesday morning along Battleground and Fortune Lane.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission said they would be putting the bear and more people at risk if they were to tranquilize it.

"If people cooperate, and don't harass the bear or confront it, most of the time it's going to find its way out," said George Strader, the District Wildlife Biologist over Guilford County.

The Wildlife Commission's website says that they will not trap and re-locate bears.

"Generally when you do that, there's much more risk to the bear of actual injury or death, because of trying to forcibly catch it," said Strader.

He said a tranquilizer would take more than five minutes to kick in and a lot can happen in that time.

"The bear can travel a long distance," said Strader. "It can dart out into traffic while we're waiting for the drug to take effect. It can climb a tree, and once the drug takes effect, it falls out of the tree. And of course, if there's any height it's just going to kill the bear."

Strader warns everyone to leave the bear alone. Don't leave any food out and the bear will make his way home.

"It got into the area without getting hurt or without injuring anybody," said Strader. "Let's just give it a little bit of time to get out."

The Wildlife Commission is monitoring where the bear is. If you see it, give them a call. That number is 919-707-0030.

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