Greensboro Bear Was Searching For A Home

7:50 PM, May 25, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro - A black bear has been on the loose in Greensboro all week. People last spotted the animal on Tuesday night near Battleground Avenue. Right now, he could be anywhere.

This whole situation is unusual, so we asked the experts to tell us a little more about how a bear ended up in a neighborhood.

"There's nowhere else for them to go, except to somebody's backyard or an apartment building," Eddie Bridges, founder and executive director of the North Carolina Wildlife Habitat Foundation, said.

Bridges says people have driven bears into their backyard.

"Their habitat is disappearing...thousands and thousands of acres every year," he said.

Although some bears might look scary, they're usually more scared of us. Black bears typically leave people alone.

"The exception to that is a bear that is cornered, a bear that's injured or a sow with cubs. You don't want to mess with momma and her babies," Natural Science Center Zoo Curator Peggy Ferebee said.

Scratch what you've read in storybooks. Bears don't stick together as a family.

"Bears are kind of like a young bird that fledges out of a nest. The mother will raise it for so long and then run it off. Then, it's got to make its own way," Bridges said.

These animals can run. It's not a good idea to approach them.

"These guys, I understand, can clock about 35 miles per hour in short bursts, which is certainly enough to run a person down. Even though they look kind of clumsy on the ground, they can move relatively fast," Ferebee said.

But, the bear roaming around Greensboro didn't seem to be in any kind of a hurry to find a new home.

Bears like to have their own territory. Older bears will kill younger bears that try to live too close to them.

People in North Carolina hunt bears every year. Last year, hunters killed 1,877 bears, according to the North Carolina Resources Commission. However, only one of those bears got killed in the Triad.

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