Man Charged with Stealing Greensboro Grasshoppers' 'Miss Babe Ruth' Statue

4:28 AM, Jul 15, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- 'Miss Babe Ruth' has returned home to NewBridge Bank Park.

Police returned the statue of the Greensboro Grasshoppers' bat dog after it had been reported missing.

Police charged Andrew Seth Carawan, 25, with felony larceny, injury to real property, and felony possession of stolen goods. 

Carawan was booked in the Guilford County Detention Center under at $4,000 bond. He posted bond by Friday morning.

Crime Stoppers tips pointed police in Carawan's direction.

"When the suspect found out that we were looking for him, basically he called us to try to take the heat off of his friends so we were able to go and retrieve the dog. He handed it right over to us, admitted to everything," said Greensboro Police Officer Mike Vuncannon.

"He said that he kicked it," said Vuncannon. "Kicked it and it fell right off."

"He said that he had basically just done a stupid prank gone wrong," added Vuncannon.

Police presented the statue to Grasshoppers President and General Manager Donald Moore Thursday afternoon.

"We are thrilled and very thankful for the return of miss babe," said Moore.

"That was probably just an impulsive act. Thoughtless, inconsiderate," said Licensed Clinical Counselor Richard Maas with Forsyth Medical Center.

"Even at 25 we can do an impulsive, thoughtless, more of a thrill-seeking act and that's what this sounds like it was," said Maas.

He said behavior in cases like this tends to boil down to two categories.

"There is that category of just wanting to be accepted, be a part of a group, or to get attention, but the other part of it is just purely thoughtless impulse act."

Moore said, "You want to try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but in this case, damaging property, taking something like this is, there's no sense in it."

Because of its condition, the statue can't be put back where it was. The team is going to auction the statue, along with a prize pack, on eBay. Proceeds will go toward veterinary services for the Greensboro Police K-9 Unit. A new statue has been ordered.

"I think the message is sent that you don't do this kind of stuff and get away with it," said Moore.

Hoppers officials reported the statue of their canine mascot missing Tuesday.  The only thing left near the bench outside the ballpark are the dog's feet that were anchored in cement.

"Our primary emphasis was to find the person responsible for this crime, and hold him accountable," said Lt. J.T. Cranford of the Central Division. "Our other goal was to recover Miss Babe Ruth and return her to the Grasshoppers in as good a shape as possible."

WFMY/Greensboro Police

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