Family Of Sandy Bradshaw Still Mourning Flight 93 Tragedy

11:17 PM, Sep 6, 2011   |    comments
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Randolph County, NC -- Pat Waugh hesitates to do interviews, because she doesn't think she can find the words.

And then there are the tears she can't hold back.

"You learn to function daily," she said.

"Early on that was not easy."

She says the pain hasn't gone away. Because she remembers what happened to her daughter Sandy Bradshaw every day.

"I'll sometimes stop at her picture and touch it, talk to her."

Waugh finds comfort in the various keepsakes and trinkets hanging on her wall or decorating her mantle.

There's the huge American flag bearing all 40 victims' names - all of the passengers and crew who were killed when United Flight 93 went down on September 11, 2001.

"I don't know they just help me. Some people would think I have too many things here," said Waugh.

Sandy Bradshaw was a flight attendant on Flight 93. She called her husband Phil from the flight, telling him she was boiling water and preparing to throw it on the men who hijacked the plane.

Her last message to her husband signaled the passengers were rushing to the front of the plane to take control.

Not long after, the plane had crashed in a field in Shanksville, PA.

Waugh warns all of us never to forget.

"We need to remember as a nation what happened to us that day. Cause our lives changed that day. We've never been the same since then," she said.

News2's Frank Mickens: "She's a national, international hero. Does that help you at all?"

Waugh: "It's nice to know that she was able to do something to help that day. But you know I've wished many times to have her back."

The decals on her car feature Sandy's beaming smile. A flag with the number 93 encircled with stars flies in the front lawn on her farm in Randolph County.

For Waugh, 9-11 is not an anniversary. It's her life.

A life without her daughter Sandy.

"You hate to lose any family member, but there is no loss like your child."

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