Where Do You Eat Before The Big Almance Co. Game? Skids Restaurant In Elon

1:25 PM, Oct 7, 2011   |    comments
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Elon, NC -- Just the word "rivalry" puts you in a state of opposition. The Friday Night Football Fever game of the week has the Burlington area divided; it's Western Alamance versus Williams.

But something unites the two teams, and it's a place to eat. We went to the Friday Night Bites place at lunchtime, but on game night, Skids Restaurant in Elon is, "almost like this except with more families. Craziness, it's a good thing, but everybody's in a hurry they have to get going," says owner George Katsoudas.

Restaurant owner George knows how to hustle on game day. He played for Williams in the 80's and later became a volunteer coach.

For him, high school football is not a phrase, it is, "part of my life, being part of a football program is exactly one word family."

And that's how George sees his customers too. Chances are he played ball with them, against them, or coached their kid.

"Anytime you go in football it's special whether its a big city or just a little town like we are here"

And this town and this restaurant are divided.

Williams or Western Alamance? "Williams all the way," one fan answers while in the background you can hear booing.

"So you just heard him say Williams all the way, what do you have to say to that?"

"No way you are in Western country honey, we are warriors go warriors," yells another fan.  

"It can get a little mean spirited at times," says another fan, "but we try to keep it good between us."

News 2's Tanya Rivera took an informal poll at the restaurant and it was pretty much split.

"We separate each other and play the game on Friday night. Then, after the game, you should be friends you should be neighbors which we are," adds George.

Neighbors enjoy the rivalry, the family feel, and the food.

The Williams' Defensive Line Coach was eating at Skids Restaurant.  His pick is Williams, of course, and for food it's the Skids Special Burger. But other diners told us you need to try the  
grilled chicken pita or the Slavaki baskets.

All those things looked good, but one of George's dishes made football history.

A football radio announcer tried to describe another team's defense this way: they're smothering the team like the hamburger steak with gravy and grilled onions at Skid's.


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