Don't Be Surprised By Overcharges On Your Bills

9:17 PM, Oct 11, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC-- Do you check your bills after they arrive in the mail, line by line? Not doing so could be costing you money.

One of the best ways to catch mistakes: read your statements carefully. Look for inconsistencies and question fees you aren't sure about. This will ensure there are no surprises.

You should also double check to make sure your interest rate the company is charging is correct and that they have not been raised without your knowledge.

If you're taking any type of cash advances, know the interest rate you're charged for them. Those charges can add up quickly.

If something doesn't look right, contact the company right away and ask questions, lots of them. After all, it is your money!

If  you can't get in touch with them someone at the company, contact your local Better Business Bureau and get information from them on how to proceed.












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