Randal Lamb Released From Hospital Care

6:19 AM, Nov 29, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Investigators will perform a chemical analysis on the bodies of the woman who went on a shooting rampage and the children who died from it.

They want to see if there was anything influencing Mary Ann Holder's behavior or perhaps if the children had been drugged.

The only surviving victim is Holder's ex-lover, Randal Lamb.

Lamb is out of the hospital.

Investigators conducted two searches at his house last week.

The second one involved seizing guns and ammunition. The items include:

- A Smith & Wesson pistol

- A Bersa semi-automatic pistol

- A gun case

- And several rounds of ammunition.

"A lot of people have that type stuff at their residence or even more," said Colonel Randy Powers with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office. "And wouldn't be considered anything totally unusual. So we don't know if anything is possibly involved in it until we do all of our forensics. Then we'll see if they're tied to anything or not."

Investigators say in the hospital they provided around the clock protection for Randal Lamb.

They did that as a precaution because of the obvious volatility of this case.

Now that he is out of the hospital and back home with his wife,  he is not receiving that protection.

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