Greensboro Police Mourn Loss Of NYPD Officer Figoski, Murdered By Lamont Pride Of Greensboro

11:24 AM, Dec 14, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Greensboro Police officers expressed their sympathy on the loss of New York City Police Officer Peter Figoski in a written statement Tuesday.

"We are saddened by his tragic death, and deeply mourn the loss of one of our brother officers."

Greensboro Police obtained a warrant for arrest on September 23rd for Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Inflict Serious Injury, and Felony Conspiracy on Lamont Pride, Figoski's accused murderer, for his suspected involvement in a non-fatal shooting that occurred in Greensboro on August 5th.

After further investigation, Greensboro Police obtained a second warrant on September 26th for Possession of a Firearm by a Felon for the same incident.

Both of these warrants were for in-state extradition only. The Guilford County District Attorney evaluates the circumstances of each case when determining what level of extradition is warranted.

In-state extradition is appropriate and reasonable when officials have no reason to believe that the suspect is a flight risk. This was in the case with Pride.

The warrant information was entered into a national criminal database to alert law enforcement officials across the country of Pride's wanted status.

Officers from the Greensboro Police Department continued to actively attempt to locate Pride.

In the early afternoon of November 8th, an officer from New York City Police Department contacted the Greensboro Police Department to notify that Pride had been arrested on November 3rd and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

At this time, Greensboro officers coordinated with the Guilford County District Attorney to amend this warrant to include full extradition from any state to NC. This change in status in extradition was also entered into the national database on the afternoon of November 8th, and NYPD and the King County District Attorney's Office were advised telephonically of this change.

Initial reports to the media that New York City and Greensboro Police were in contact with each other regarding Pride prior to the November arrest were inaccurate. Greensboro Police first learned that Pride was in New York upon his arrest in early November.

Upon being notified on November 9th that Pride had been released from custody, Greensboro Police requested the assistance of the US Marshals' Violent Fugitive Task Force in locating Pride.

The US Marshals had coordinated with NYPD in their efforts to locate and extradite Pride before the fatal shooting occurred.

Pride remains in custody in New York.

New York Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne released this statement on the matter on Tuesday:

Pride was arrested in NYC on Nov 3 on a crack cocaine charge. We ran him and found he was wanted in NC on weapon assault charges but the NC warrant specified "extradite within the state of North Carolina only."

NYPD contacted NC authorities and suggested that they change the warrant to extradite him since we had him in custody on charges of possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell, a felony. NC initially said no. At arraignment, Pride was RORed.

On Nov 8 - after apparently reconsidering - NC amended the warrant to allow for extradition from NY. He was in the wind by then. A fugitive task force hunted unsuccessfully for him . Pride then failed to appear for his Nov 15 hearing in NY, for which another warrant was issued.

Greensboro Police

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