Bomb Threat At J.L. Hosiery May Be Related To Candor Police Firings

12:14 PM, Jan 11, 2012   |    comments
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Candor, NC - Nearly a month after four police officers were fired in the town of Candor, new details continue to emerge.

On Tuesday, WFMY News 2 learned the SBI is now investigating after the Montgomery County District Attorney's office asked for help. However, officials with the SBI would not elaborate on what exactly is under investigation.

A bomb threat made against a Candor business on Saturday seems to also be tied to the events that have unfolded.

According to an arrest warrant, 73-year-old Patsy Holyfield, made the threat against J.L. Hosiery, a business owned by John and Teresa Lamonds.

WFMY News 2 discovered the Lamonds funded campaigns for the commissioners who voted to fire the police officers. One of the commissioners was Wayne Holyfield, grandson of Patsy Holyfield.

Candor's Mayor, Richard Britt, told WFMY News 2 he's been dealing with a lot of threats, but this one crossed the line.

"If you don't like somebody, when you try to take innocent lives, it's very bad, especially you know, all this is going on together and it really upset a lot of people in town," Britt said.

Commissioner Holyfield has still not said why he motioned to fire the officers and then voted for it. However, he has said he had concerns about how the police department handled complaints against them.

According to Holyfield, when he asked the officers to show him the complaints, they could not.

Former Police Sgt. James Pierce said that is not true. Pierce told WFMY News 2 as long as he was there, Holyfield never even came into their department or asked for records.

"Every complaint was entered into the department's computers. It was for the officers' protection as much as anyone else's. Due process works both ways. Nothing was swept under the rug," said Pierce.

On Tuesday, a Candor resident opened an account to help defray some of the legal costs for the fired officers. Residents who wish to help the fired officers can make a donation to the Defense Fund For The Former Policemen at First Bank in Candor. 

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