Reidsville Miracle Baby's Surgery Delayed

11:32 PM, Jan 24, 2012   |    comments
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Reidsville, NC -- A Reidsville family is asking for prayers as their 7-month-old baby faces an uphill battle.

When News 2 met Jaxx Denny in December, his family was preparing for his VEPTR surgery at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Jaxx was born with a rare condition called Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome. He's missing six ribs, his right kidney, and he has severe scoliosis.

On Sunday, his parents, Pete and Tammy Denny, flew to Philadelphia to prepare for his surgery on Tuesday.

Doctors were supposed to build his new rib cage and straighten his spine, but the day before the scheduled surgery, they discovered a bigger problem.

"He's one of the top neurosurgeons in the world and he said, he's never seen this before," said Pete Denny. "It's amazing that he's even walking, I mean, moving his legs and doing what he's doing, because that's just not, he's just never seen this before."

A surgeon told Pete and Tammy that Jaxx's spinal chord is attached to the skin around it.

While it's a scary setback, Pete and Tammy said they're counting their blessings.

"Dr. Campbell said it should have been caught earlier, he admitted that, yes, it should have been caught before we even got to Philadelphia, but he said thank God it was caught before they got into the O.R. because they could have gotten into a mess in the OR, if they didn't catch it before they went in," said Tammy Denny.

"It very well could have been in surgery and damaged his spinal cord," said Pete Denny.

Jaxx will now have to have a major surgery to fix his spinal chord before surgeons can proceed with the VEPTR surgery.

"It's in God's hands and we're just trusting Jesus, because that's all we can do," said Pete Denny.

Denny said they hope to schedule Jaxx's surgery in the upcoming weeks and the VEPTR surgery a few days after that.

Doctors said one in 100,000 people is born with Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome.

You can follow Jaxx's progress on his Facebook page: Straightening Up (Jaxx Denny).  

If you wish to make a donation, checks can be mailed to:

Home Savings Bank
PO Box 2005
Reidsville, NC

Please make checks out to Pete Denny, write Team Jaxx in the memo line.


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