On February 1, 1960, Four NC A&T State University Students Started A Sit-In

10:03 PM, Feb 1, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- February 1, 2012 marks 52 years from the start of the Greensboro Sit-In. Four young black men walked into the Woolworth's and made history.

The four North Carolina A&T freshmen left campus and walked to the Woolworth's store. All they wanted was cup of coffee from the all-white lunch counter.

That day in 1960 Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, David Richmond and Ezell Blair, Jr., who now goes by Jibreel Khazhan, lit the spark that re-ignited the Civil Rights Movement. 
Each year on February 1, NC A&T honors those four men for their courage to stand up and help make change.

You can watch our live interviews with Greensboro Four member Joseph McNeil, WFMY News 2's Sandra Hughes, who is the first Ambassador to the Civil Rights Museum and museum co-founders Skip Alston and Earl Jones by clicking on the video players on your screen.

Click on WFMY to see behind the scene photos of the newscast as it was happening.

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