Bethany Community Mourns The Death Of Troy and Ladonna French

12:40 AM, Feb 6, 2012   |    comments
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  • Douglas, Ladonna French
  • Douglas, Ladonna French

Rockingham County, NC--  Some people in Rockingham County are still reeling because they never imagined a deadly home invasion would happen in their community.

Rockingham County investigators say that early Saturday morning a masked intruder went into a home, attacked a 19-year-old Whitley French and then shot and killed her parents Troy and Ladonna.

Troy French worked for Duke Energy for more than 22 years and on Sunday, his co-workers put a wreath outside their building as a memorial. News 2 was back in Rockingham County where this unspeakable crime remains the talk of the town.

All year long, folks from the Bethany community in Rockingham County come and share their troubles with Larry McCollum in his general store.

"A lot of people are really scared", said McCollum.

Scared because just down the road a masked man attacked the French family in the early morning hours on Saturday, leaving Troy and Ladonna French dead and their 19-year-old daughter wounded.

McCollum told News 2, "We never thought it could happen in Rockingham County."

But it did. On Sunday, a Sheriff's patrol car was still in front of the French home, standing watch for an anxious community.

"They are taking more precautions, locking their doors looking after their neighbors and they're wondering who and why", said McCollum of the community he lives in.

Investigators have questions too and they're hoping maybe the public can help. Perhaps someone that comes into Larry's store where there's always an extra chair and for the first time in recent memory, a new normal for folks who like to take life slow and easy.

Larry McCollum had these final thoughts, "When I would leave home for work in the mornings, lots of mornings my wife would still be in the bed I might kiss her on the forehead and say goodbye and go out the back door and leave it unlocked but I lock my door when I go out now because you never know who's standing around and watching now."

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