The Murders of Troy and LaDonna French Leave Behind Two Grieving Teenagers

12:50 AM, Feb 7, 2012   |    comments
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Rockingham County, NC--  The Rockingham County Sheriff's Department is still looking for who murdered Troy and LaDonna French. Someone stabbed their 19-year-old daughter then shot and killed the French couple in their home Saturday morning. Sheriff Sam Page isn't saying much about who killed the French couple or why they did it. But even Page is having a hard time making sense of what happened. The French's 19-year-old daughter is recovering from her injuries.

They also had a 14-year-old son who wasn't home because he was at a swim meet. We're told that Hunter learned about the murders at the swim meet from his Uncle Craig French. Hunter chose to stay and swim in their honor to make them proud.

The Rockingham County school psychologist sat down with News 2's Liz Crawford to shed some light on the coping process for a young person. Diane Zihal said a crisis reaction like that is not unusual and gives some insight into what a teen may be struggling with, "There is a level of shock when someone has gone through a trauma, a lot of times your brain will shut down to protect itself", said Zihal.

News 2 also learned that within minutes, Hunter's facebook page became a place for friends to connect with the tragedy and share their thoughts and prayers. That type of connection through social media makes for instantaneous communication and for teenagers, it might actually be a helpful outlet during times of crisis.

"Teenagers, typically, they want each other, there's social media, facebook and stuff. They really use that a lot to express themselves and that piece is really very helpful to them so allowing them time to be with their friends."

However, this horrific tragedy is more complex when it comes to the coping process. It falls under trauma counseling, which is different from grief counseling. There are far more emotions than just sadness, making it more complicated to comprehend and deal with.

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