Blue Ribbons Continue To Pop Up In Rockingham Co. As French Investigation Continues

7:44 PM, Feb 13, 2012   |    comments
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Reidsville, NC -- Bonnie Purgason always has her hands full right before Valentine's Day. But lately she's been tied up because she's tying so many Carolina blue bows.

Hundreds of blue ribbons and bows are popping up all over Rockingham County in memory of Troy and LaDonna French.

"It has been very busy," Purgason said of the last several days since the ribbon effort began. "I think it's a great testament to our community because we are a community. And we want to show our support to the French family."

The ribbons started showing up on trees and mailboxes last week thanks to a push from a Facebook page called Blue Hope.

Garrett Wheeler bought his bow Monday. It's one of almost 400 bows Purgason's Reidsville Florist and Gift Shop has sold in the last week.

"It's just a really sad, horrible event," Wheeler said. "We got it in remembrance of the French family and to let everyone know that our community is not going to be afraid."

Some folks are scared, though, because the sheriff hasn't named a suspect yet -- and it's been more than a week since someone shot the Frenches to death.

"It's always hard to be patient with anything, whether it be people having babies or people finding out who has done such a horrible and horrific crime," Purgason said.

But the waiting -- and the bows -- have tied people here together.

"Everyone from Rockingham County has come together," Wheeler said. "And it's really heartwarming and it gives hope to our county to know when times get hard, we can stick together."

In addition to the 400 or so ribbons Reidsville Florist has sold, Dabbs Florist said it's sold more than 2,000 yards of blue ribbon. That's enough to run the length of 20 football fields.

Sheriff Sam Page wouldn't do an interview Monday, but said off camera he has full confidence his deputies will solve the case. He also said he's pleased with the progress they are making.

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