Harrison Albright Donates Savings To Wheelers

7:44 AM, Feb 24, 2012   |    comments
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Summerfield, NC - Ten-year-old Harrison Albright was watching News 2 with his family Wednesday night when the story of Carl Wheeler came on.

Forty-year-old Carl Wheeler was on his way home from a family gathering when he saw a minivan stopped on the side of the road, and he stopped to help.

While helping, a drunk driver struck Wheeler and the driver, 17-year-old Darren Jones.

Wheeler lived, but his life was still taken away. He is confined to his bed, he can't speak, he can't walk, and he is blind. His mother and his sister take care of him, and the driver who struck Wheeler, Curtis Lutterloh, was sentenced to just four years of jail.

After seeing the story of Carl Wheeler, Harrison knew he had to do something, so he offered almost all that he had, nearly half of his savings, in the hopes his small gesture would give them hope for a better future.

Harrison told News 2, "Whenever you need help, if you were in his position, people would probably help you so why wouldn't you help him. I decided to give him forty dollars and hopefully some support and hope for the family."

That forty dollars was almost half of Harrison's savings, but Harrison said this is about much more than just the money, "I'm sorry for them because it's not even their fault, he was just trying to be a good person."

Harrison is struggling with the question of how could something like this happen to someone who was just trying to help, "It just made me think that could happen to me any day. I could fall off something on the playground and get hurt seriously."

To help express his feelings to the Wheeler's Harrison wrote them a letter.

This is Harrison's letter to the Wheelers.

Dear Carl and Ester Wheeler,

I am very sorry about what happened to you. You are very good people and I hope you get better. Once I saw you on the news, I knew it was injustice and I had to help somehow. Even if it was just to give you support.

I am sending a small fund of 40 dollars and a couple of drawings from me. I hope that hope will come from this letter along with justice.

My name is Harrison Albright. I live in Summerfield. I am only 10 years old so this is all I can give, if I could give more I would but I can't. Hopefully this will support you, if not I am sorry.


Harrison Albright

You can make a contribution to the Wheeler family directly, at any BB&T Bank branch, by making the donation to the "2 THOSE WHO CARE/WHEELER FAMILY" account.

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