Reidville Baby's Surgery Delayed Another Time

11:37 PM, Feb 29, 2012   |    comments
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Reidsville, NC -- Baby Jaxx Denny's surgery to rebuild his rib cage has again been delayed.

The Reidsville baby was born without six ribs, a kidney, and has an "s"-shaped spine.

Jaxx is recovering from his April 14th spinal cord surgery. His second major surgery was supposed to be on Wednesday, but it was delayed because his incision from the first surgery wasn't healing fast enough.

Now, it's delayed again because the operating rooms at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are booked until May.

It's frustrating for Jaxx's parents, who just want to see their baby get better.

Pete Denny, Jaxx's dad, told News 2 that your lungs grow the most during the first two years of your life and every month is critical. So delaying the surgery to rebuild his rib cage, means a few more months that Jaxx's lungs won't be growing properly.

Jaxx's doctor has requested to borrow operating room time from another doctor for March 14.

Denny said they are praying that it works. They hope to receive a phone call by the end of the week.

On Wednesday, Jaxx began wheezing. His parents now have to give him breathing treatments at home. A doctor told the Denny's he isn't sure if it's because of his lungs or just congestion.

You can now follow Baby Jaxx on Twitter @straighteningup.

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