Parents Of Darren Jones Advocate For Tougher DWI Laws

7:46 AM, Mar 7, 2012   |    comments
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Snow Camp, NC--  DUI laws vary from state to state. North Carolina is among several states considering making alcohol ignition interlocks mandatory for anyone convicted of DWI. This would be an aggressive approach targeting even first offenders.

For Alice and Keith Jones, it was a first offender that killed their son. They know all too well the need for stricter laws.

Alice and Keith Jones sat down with News 2's Liz Crawford and recalled the night that a drunk driver took their 17-year-old son, Darren Jones' life. The driver was a first time offender so the law was lenient.

Alice Jones said, "It blew our mind that night when he was allowed to walk away from the scene because he had no priors. He had already killed someone and dismembered a leg of another innocent person and he was allowed to walk away from the scene."

Because of a drunk driver, Alice and Keith Jones live everyday with only memories and pictures of Darren.

"It's hard and it's getting harder everyday but I try to think of the good memories that I had with Darren and the good times we had", added Keith.

Their pain proves that even a first time offender can take lives and destroy families. Stricter laws like more ignition interlocks could be a step in the right direction.

Alice Jones believes they could save lives. "If someone cannot go out there and start that car after they've been drinking, that's how many more lives are safe that night because that person had to blow into that device."

Alice told News 2 that since her son was killed back in July, everyday only gets harder.

In a twist of irony, Alice Jones works for Monitech, Inc. That's the only state-certified interlock ignition installation company in North Carolina.

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