Flying Squirrels Found In Homes During Warmer Winters

6:54 PM, Mar 7, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- WFMY News 2 first told you about warmer weather bringing more bats.

Something else you might need to check your house for is flying squirrels.

Southern flying squirrels are found throughout our state in urban areas.

Wildlife Specialist Nick Jackson is the Operations Manager of Animal Control Experts LLC.

According to Jackson, flying squirrels can glide the length of a football field.

Like bats, there's more activity right now because of the warmer temperatures.

Flying squirrels are breaking into attics and stockpiling food.

Animal Control Experts LLC has removed 18 flying squirrels from a single house in Greensboro.

Jackson said there's nothing you can really do to keep them from getting in your house because they get in through vents and other places.

If you encounter a flying squirrel in your house do not confront them.

Instead just write down the time and part of the house you saw or heard them.

According to Jackson, a flying squirrel removal job can cost hundreds or even a couple thousand of dollars.

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