Two Day Golf Event In Eden To Help Baby Jaxx

9:11 AM, Apr 22, 2012   |    comments
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Eden, NC-- Golf courses see their share of saturday morning players, but this weekend it was for a cause.

The Oak Hills Country Club in Eden hosted a weekend golf tournament to help Baby Jaxx's family pay medical bills.

WFMY News 2's Lauren Melvin first brought you boy's story in December 2011.

Jaxx Denny was born with a rare condition and faces a lifetime of surgery.

Jaxx was born without six ribs on his right side and without his right kidney. He also has a severely curved spine.

Doctors diagnosed Jaxx Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome and scholiosis.

"They did a chest x-ray, and when he showed us the film, our jaws just dropped because his spine is so curved. It just looks like an S almost.," said Jaxx's mother, Tammy Denny.

The Dennys have been traveling back and forth to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where Jaxx will have surgery on January 24, 2012.

Doctors will re-build Jaxx's rib cage and insert two titanium rods into his back. The surgery is called Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib, or VEPTR.

Every four to six months, Jaxx will have another surgery to expand the rods as he grows. Eventually, he'll grow out of those rods and he'll have to have surgery to replace them with adult-size rods.

After the surgery, doctors said Jaxx will be able to crawl and eventually, walk.

"I already know Jaxx is going to be fine. He's going to be great. It won't be too much longer he's going to be out in the yard playing T-ball with me, Eli and Leah. I know that," said Jaxx's father, Pete Denny. "That's going to be priceless."

Pete and Tammy Denny have created a Facebook page for their son.

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