Baby Jaxx's Recovery Going Well

10:21 PM, May 5, 2012   |    comments
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Philadelphia-- The Reidsville baby, who was born without his right kidney, six ribs on his right side, and with an "s"-shaped spine, is recovering from major surgery. 

Tuesday was the day his parents, Pete and Tammy Denny, have been praying for.

On Tuesday, 11-month-old Jaxx had life-saving surgery to rebuild his rib cage and straighten his spine.  Jaxx's surgery was more complicated than his parents, or even the doctors, had initially anticipated. Even so, little Jaxx, the miracle baby, made it through without any problems.

Doctors had planned to use two titanium rods, one to straighten his spine and one to rebuild his ribcage. The surgery is called VEPTR.

However, on Monday, doctors realized Jaxx actually needed four rods: two on the right side of his ribcage and one on each side of his spine.

After four hours in surgery on Tuesday, shorter than expected, and major reconstruction, doctors told the Denny's Jaxx's surgery was a success.

Jaxx will be on a ventilator for a few days and lots of pain medicine as he starts his long road to recovery.

His parents know this is just one of many surgeries for their son, but the most important one. 

Saturday, Jaxx's parents sent WFMY News 2's Lauren Melvin this update on his recovery from surgery: "All tubes and lines have been removed. He still has one IV in his wrist for emergencies only. It is blocked off for now. He has had 3 bottles, so he's eating well. Things are going much better than we expected. It has been an amazing treat to watch him recover as fast as he has. Still not out of the woods yet, but much closer than we were. You should see how much longer and how much straighter it is! It's crazy! He looks like a different child! Thank you again for your support and prayers. To God be the glory!"

WFMY News 2 has been following Jaxx Denny's story since December and we will continue to keep you updated on his progress.

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