With Hacking Cases On The Rise, Here's How To Keep Your Passwords Protected

5:11 PM, Jun 7, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - The battle for internet security grows as hacking cases rise.

In the latest case, 160-million people are dealing with a big headache after Linkedin and e-harmony websites were hacked and passwords stolen.

Logging into your computer or account is a daily must for most Americans and those with not so good intentions know it. To access your information it requires a password and we all have lots of them. 

News 2 reported, last month that one of the best defense against hackers is to have a different password for every account.

"It's another chore but it's a safety chore. Like locking your car doors," said Chris Fulkerson, Elon University.

It should be on everyone's "to-do" list. A password that's complex enough for security. And simple enough for you to remember...But how do we safe guard ourselves?

"With the iphone there a lot of apps that will keep stuff safe. It locks your pictures and your passwords and it locks it into one," said Garrett Petruzzi.

"So, now i have 5 or 6 different password for several different accounts," said Taylor Thompson.

But what if your brain doesn't have the memory to hold all those components?

"think of a phrase "Oh say, can you see..."

The idea is to use a phrase that's easy to recall, and use some creativity to spell it out.
Like a vanity license plate.

"All your online accounts, try to use that password and change it every 45 days. Since you are changing it for one...Change it for another." - Chris Fulkerson.

But what about using the spacebar in your password?

"It's a key most people don't think of but now they see it on tv. It is a character...Not a visible character. But there are some programs that will not let you use the spacebar but some that will," said Fulkerson.

"It's wild...I knew you cold use the under bar but the spacebar. That's good to know, " said Katie Esswein.

You can also add an important number to the end of your password.
But do not use your birthday or wedding anniversary... Or any information that may be on google.
Because our expert says hackers are watching.

There are several password-management firms, website and companies that can assist with your password protection.

According to AOL, here a few simple rules for protecting your password.

Your password is the key that unlocks your account. If your password can be easily guessed, your AOL account isn't secure.

To protect your account, make sure your password incorporates these easy rules:

1. Your password must be six to 16 characters long.
2. Create a more secure password by using a combination of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters (e.g., @ and &).
3. Don't use common or easily guessed words as your password (e.g., your first name, last name or Username, or the word "password").
4. Never reveal your password to anyone. Website employees will never ask you for your password.
5. If you have several Usernames on the same website account, use a different password for each one.
6. Change your password regularly. You can easily change it online.

WFMY News 2

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