2 Those Who Care: Santiago Elliott

6:13 PM, Jun 13, 2012   |    comments
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Undated -- Meet Santiago Elliott, affectionately called "Santi," by all the kids he works with. 

This computer genius is volunteering to teach youngsters how to build computers. They can keep their work for themselves and to give to those who need them.

His work with the "Handy Capable Network" started when he was quite young. He said, "I'm extremely interested in computers. I've been working here, I've been volunteering here since 2009 and Barbara usually doesn't take kids as young as I was because I was like 10, but I really wanted to learn."

His students believe accepting Santi was a pretty cool idea. One of his students, Michael Ramcharitar, said Santi's youth is a bonus. "Santi feels more comfortable because he's younger and he can adapt to our personality and how we act cause you know we're kids."

Santi's work includes troubleshooting, building, and leadership skills, and his dad, Mike, says the job is the right fit for his son. "He just fell in love with this place and it kind of became his second home, computers and printers and all of this other technology surrounding him he felt in his element."

Santiago said, "My biggest class I had fourteen students and they were all low-income students so they built one for themselves and one for a community member and that benefitted a wide variety of people."

Organizers say it doesn't get any better than when you can attract volunteers as young as Santi.

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