Common Mistakes That Make Your Home Vulnerable To Break-Ins

8:03 AM, Jun 20, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro - A home in the United States is burglarized every thirteen seconds, and there are three mistakes people make that make their homes particularly vulnerable to burglars.

Number One: Front Door Lock

Many front doors are surrounded by windows, and while this can make for a very pretty entry way for your home, it also allows robbers easy access to the inside of the door.

Rather than having a lock with a deadbolt, have a double cylinder lock. This type of lock has a key entry on both sides and this will prevent a robber from being able to use his or her thumb to unlock the door.

Number Two: Telling Your Facebook Friends You Are Going On Vacation

Robbers are on Facebook too, and if you announce on Facebook or other social media sites that you are leaving on vacation, this gives criminals easy knowledge your home will be empty.

Number Three: Not Knowing Your Neighbors

Neighbors are a key line of defense against home burglaries. But if you don't know your neighbor, they might not be able to tell when a stranger is in your house.

Make sure your neighborhood has a neighborhood watch, and create and email tree list with your neighborhood.

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