Search For Escaped Research Monkey Continues In Davidson/Forsyth Counties

4:45 PM, Jul 5, 2012   |    comments
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  • WFUBMC Primate Center,

Clemmons, NC-- As of Thursday, July 5 officials with Wake Forest Baptist Primate Center said they are still trying to recover a monkey.

The monkey escaped from an animal housing area on Friday, June 29.

Only July 4, two sightings of the monkey were reported and another one today.  According to the hospital, all sightings were in the Frye Bridge and River Gate areas.

Despite all the sightings and traps, they Monkey has not been captured. 

Wake Forest Baptist veterinarians said they believe the 16-year-old monkey is still alive and in the same general area. The monkey is from a tropical area of the world and the current temperatures would not affect its health.

To expedite the capture, animal control officers increased the number of humane traps to eight and placed them in multiple locations near the recent sightings. Humane traps will not harm the animal and are being routinely checked by Forsyth County Animal Control officers. Wake Forest Baptist and Forsyth County Animal Control have been patrolling the location of the latest sightings. Animal control reminds the public not to disturb the humane traps.

The appropriate regulatory agencies have been notified. In addition, Wake Forest Baptist has contacted the U.S. Department of Agriculture to invite them to visit the facility.
Important Reminders:

  • The monkey is not domesticated and typically avoids people.
    Anyone who sees the animal should not attempt to capture, feed, pet or interact with it.
  • Like any animal in the wild, it could try to bite or scratch, or carry a virus that is contagious to people.

Anyone who sees the animal should contact Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center at 336-716-3305, Forsyth County Animal Control at 336-703-2490, or Davidson County Animal Control at 336-249-0131.

on Wednesday, Justin Goodman of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told the Associated Press the animal-rights group is cheering for the monkey's independence on the Fourth of July.

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