A Cyber Tribute Replaces A Traditional Memorial For Andy Griffith

11:26 PM, Jul 7, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC--  With a quick burial, Andy Griffith didn't have a typical celebrity memorial. Instead fans can find closure through social media.

Andy Griffith died Tuesday morning and was buried just hours later on Roanoke Island. It all happened without the large public memorial we've gotten used to when a big star dies.

Those memorials, like we saw for Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston usually give fans closure.

It's not the first time we've seen people resort to the internet and social media to mourn a public figure, but typically it's in addition to the huge memorials, thousands of people, piles of flowers, and television crews.

With Andy Griffith, public closure has been mainly internet based.

On our News 2 facebook page, we had thousands of comments from people sharing their memories. We posted photos and facts about Andy Griffith that were shared and liked.

It was a similar outpouring on Twitter.

The question we took to folks in a Greensboro coffee shop on Saturday: Is social media enough?

Kathleen Cosco said, " There's something about being in a room with people and the energy that you get from that, that's really different than sitting alone and looking at a computer screen on the other hand the people that are grieving for him probably didn't know him so it's probably just as appropriate."

Cosco is a therapist who also weighed in on some other pros and cons of grieving through social media. She thinks it's positive because people can connect very quickly. However, that's also a negative because people many not spend enough time processing what's happened.

Sarah Uffman likes the idea of using the internet because it's a more permanent memorial. "On the internet things stay forever and I think it's a way that we can share and he can be around and no matter who it is can stay in our memories," said Uffman.

Jonathan Kreider added, " I don't think that it really replaces what it should be. Andy Griffith should have a memorial. I think they should probably be doing something in Greensboro, or Winston, and certainly up in Mt. Airy to commemorate him."

While many fans are reaching out in different ways to pay tribute to Andy, those close to him, like Ron Howard, who played Andy's son Opie shared his reflection in an exclusive article for the Los Angeles Times. Click here: Ron Howard: What I learned from Andy Griffith.

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