After Nearly Dying, Drunk Driving Victim Shares Her Journey

11:19 PM, Jul 8, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC--  Brittany Greene nearly died after a drunk driver hit her. She shared her journey with News 2.

We're constantly hearing about drunk driving tragedies. But for Brittany Greene, her story is more of a drunk driving miracle. At 18-years-old Brittany was in the prime of her life when a drunk driver hit her car, killing himself and almost killing Brittany.

Melissa Stewart, Brittany's mom said, "It's the phone call that no parent ever wants to get...Brittany's been in an accident and it's bad. She's got a torn aorta and she broke every bone in her body."

A drunk driver hit Brittany and her friend in the passenger seat head on. The vehicle was totaled. The car battery found behind the driver's seat. It took fire fighters two hours to get Brittany out of the car.

"When I get here, she's going to be dead. Whenever I get here, they're going to tell me that my daughter died," Melissa said about what was running through her head on the way to the hospital that night.

For Brittany, she woke up to a long road ahead.

"I just remember driving and then I woke up here," Brittany told News 2.

This is the story we don't see. It's the drunk driving victim who survives to live a life forever changed.

Since waking up, the hospital has been Brittany's home for two-in-a-half months. She's relearning how to do things she never gave much thought.

News 2 cameras rolled as Brittany practiced getting herself something to drink and getting in and out of the bathtub.

From now on, Brittany's every move is a challenge.

Brittany said, "I'll never take walking for granted again. Knowing I won't do some things like I used to, that's the hardest thing."

While Brittany's journey is centered around strengthening her mind and body through physical and occupational therapy, her mom's has been spiritual.

"You go from, please God let her live to please God, let her live and let her be the same," explained Melissa. "Life is not fair, and this was not fair what happened to you but this is what it is, but God has a plan and you just have to have faith."

Brittany has used her family's support and her own determination on her journey.

Brittany said, "I've been bugging them since I woke up to go home. Do the best you can, that's all you can do, one step at a time."

Both Brittany and her mom told News 2 that this accident has forever instilled in them just how precious life is.

"I will never take for granted that I will see my kids tomorrow," said Melissa.

Friday was Brittany's last day of rehab in the hospital. After two-in-a-half months, she was released from Cone Hospital on Saturday morning.

Once Brittany is strong enough, she plans to advocate against drunk driving. She wants to take her story to local high schools. In fact, her wrecked car was already used as a wake-up call to teens. It was displayed out front of Smith High School during prom season.

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