Family Of Toddler With Cockayne Syndrome Gets Big Surprise

12:03 AM, Jul 12, 2012   |    comments
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Reidsville, NC --Over the last three weeks, Caleb Paynter's family has received prayers and support from the community.  And on Wednesday, they got a surprise.

Caleb Paynter was born with Cockayne Syndrome (Type II).

He's one of just 60 people in the world who's been diagnosed with it.

Caleb can't speak, can't walk, and he's lost some of his hearing and vision.

Caleb is only two years old, but doctors said he'll only live until he's five.

The Paynter family needed help to get to California, to meet with doctors and researchers.  And the community has been hard at work to make it happen.

One woman, with a big heart, reached out to a local travel agent to try to arrange flights for the family. 

Pam Seagle, who owns Travel Leaders in High Point, took the ball and ran with it.  She donated three flights to the Paynter family and Delta matched it with three more. 

Seagle also pulled some strings to make sure the family could have some fun while they're in California.

Disney donated tickets to the whole family to go to Disneyland.

"The siblings, they help so much with everything. We couldn't do it without them. God knew what he was doing when he gave them to us before Caleb and their time and effort's going to be rewarded and we're going to get to spend it all together. And it's just going to be a memory of a lifetime that we'll never forget," said Jennifer Paynter.

Paynter said they are all grateful for so much love and generosity from so many people.

"It's just amazing that so much love and compassion and time from everybody has come together and just performed a great mighty miracle with the blessings of the lord. It's just been amazing," said Paynter.

Paynter said Caleb's smile shows he's thankful too.

"I just hope they go and have a wonderful time and I truly hope they get some answers and something that's going to make this beautiful little boy hang on for a long time," said Seagle.

The Paynters will head to California at the end of the month.  People have been so generous that they won't have to worry about a dime of their own money while they're there.

Right now, there's no cure or treatment for Cockayne Syndrome, so doctors just treat the symptoms.


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