Kernersville Police Chief Hits Two Men With Car, State Investigates

6:39 PM, Jul 16, 2012   |    comments
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North Carolina State Troopers are investigating an officer involved collision that sent two people to the hospital in Kernersville.

Authorities say Kernersville Police Chief Kenneth Gamble struck two men with his car on I-40 Business east Sunday morning.

Authorities pulled over a car traveling 15 miles per hour down the interstate just before 6:00 Sunday morning.

After the car stopped, 33 year-old Anthony Sides and 29 year-old Brian Pegram took off on foot, leading the officer on a pursuit.

Thirty year-old Jennifer Hutchins was driving the car and told authorities Pegram assaulted her that Sides threatened her.

The two men were stopped by police, handcuffed, and seated on the shoulder for questioning.

Chief Gamble heard the call on the radio and headed to the scene to help. He entered 40 on Main Street, driving against the flow of traffic when he hit the two men.

Authorities say Sides was thrown 38 feet and Pegram ended up 48 feet from his original location.

The chief has been put on paid administration leave and the investigation has been handed over to the state troopers.
The District Attorney believes the investigation will take a couple weeks. Once it is complete, he will determine if Gamble will be charged.

Sides has been released from the hospital but is now facing charges of resist obstructing, delaying an officer, and communicating threats. Pegram is still hospitalized and is listed in critical condition. He faces charges of delaying and officer, resist obstructed and assault.

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