Meredith & Taylor London Laid to Rest in Eden After They Were Killed By A Drunk Driver

4:47 PM, Jul 24, 2012   |    comments
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Sisters Meredith and Taylor London died in a car crash early Saturday morning.

Police say the young lady driving the car, their childhood friend, was drunk.

"I can't imagine that. It's just too much to grasp... I just can't imagine," said Linda Hooper, a Rockingham County resident.

"To lose one child is horrifying but to lose two in an accident like this, it's out of the realm of imagination," said Jesse Williams, a Rockingham County resident.

In an instant, the London family and the Town of Eden were forever changed.

Kelly Wilson has been arranging the towns' sorrow... one bouquet at a time.

"Sometimes people don't have the words to say and to be honest; sometimes I don't think there are words to say to comfort them in these times," explained Wise, manager of Bunnie's Flowers in Eden.

Hundreds of friends, family and people who didn't even know the girls said good-bye Tuesday as the sisters were laid to rest.

"I didn't know them personally, but I have them in my thoughts and I'm sure everyone else does," said Hooper.

"In a tragedy such as this, I don't think there is a soul in this city that does not feel their pain," said Williams.

Meredith was only 18 years-old. She just graduated from high school this spring.

Taylor was 23 and graduated from UNCG last year.

A scholarship fund has been set up in their name at Home Savings Bank in Eden.

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