Families Of Flight 93 Victims Will Attend Christening Of USS Somerset

10:42 PM, Jul 24, 2012   |    comments
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Greesboro, NC--  The US Navy is preparing to launch its newest ship, the USS Somerset, named in honor of the victims of Flight 93.

Our nation has dedicated monuments and memorials, held vigils, planted gardens, and have honored the victims of 9/11 in so many ways.

Greensboro native, Sandy Bradshaw is one of the souls we've honored. Bradshaw was a flight attendant on Flight 93 when it crashed in a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

The latest memorial to recognize Flight 93 is not just a symbol, but a weapon against terrorism.

The USS Somerset will combat terrorism, much like the crew and passengers of Flight 93.

Bradshaw's mom, Pat Waugh considers it an honor for her daughter and the other victims on Flight 93.

"When we went down before to tour the ship, they carried a Flight 93 flag down there and it will be placed on the ship," Waugh told News 2.

Flight 93 passengers and crew confronted the terrorists on board before it went down in Shanksville. All 40 people on board were killed. During the recovery process, workers hoisted an American flag on top of a power shovel used for coal mining in that area.

Metal from that power shovel has been melted down and used in the ship's construction. Ships like the USS Somerset have been deployed to fight piracy and provide humanitarian aid in foreign countries.

Waugh and other family members of Flight 93 victims are attending the ship's christening on Saturday, July 28th in New Orleans.

"I'm sure that she would be pleased and proud you know that that these things are being done to honor them," said Waugh about her daughter.

Waugh also told News 2 that a time capsule containing artifacts from the crash site will be placed beneath the mast of the ship.

The vessel will carry a navy crew of 363 and nearly 700 marines.

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