Cascades Managers Attempt To Right Wrong

5:42 PM, Aug 17, 2012   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Managers at Cascades Grandview Apartments are finally answering some questions after hundreds of tenants were forced out of their homes this week.

The nine-story building was condemned by the Greensboro Fire Marshall Wednesday night after Duke Energy cut the power source. They say owners didn't pay their bill for several months and did not take advantage of payment options the company offered.

Some residents were forced to sleep in cots at a local shelter while managers worked to restore the electricity.

Meanwhile, residents were left two days without an explanation or word from the property owners.

Thursday, employees finally slipped notes under tenants' doors asking them to attend a Friday afternoon meeting.

A regional manager conducted the interview along with a local resident manager.

"I just want everything to be fixed. Because I feel like if I'm going to school, this is jeopardizing my future," said Gaius Sims, a resident.

Managers who called the meeting at the complex did no finger-pointing.

They took all the blame and apologized.

At one point, Dunk Anthony, the regional manager even acknowledged that his words probably held no weight after what tenants have been through this summer.

In June, they sweated it out for weeks in near 100-degree temperatures when their AC broke.

Tenants asked questions about how the power bill went unpaid and Anthony would only say a third party that pays the bills is responsible.

The managers offered to right some of the wrongs, but some residents simply were skeptical if the concession would be honored.

"Hoping they are telling you the truth," said Brooke Hardy, describing how some felt while at the meeting. "There are people in there that have to be here, financially. This is all they have. And it's not fair to them."

Residents have been offered a $150 discount on next month's rent.

A 50-percent discount for every day the air conditioning didn't work in June and July.

In addition, Anthony said, if residents wanted to break their lease they could work out a deal.

"I don't feel like they are going to continue to inform the people. I think the best thing is to cut your losses and find a better place to live," said Derek Smith.

By far, the recent issues at Cascades Grandview aren't the only problems.

News 2 reported back in July that owners are behind on their property taxes.

According to documents from the Guilford county tax department Cascades Grandview LLC was billed $60,000 in property taxes last year. The account became delinquent earlier this year and to-date they still owe about $24,000 on the 2011 bill.

The complex is now on the hook for about $87,000 for its 2012 property taxes.

That bill is due on September first of this year.


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