Elevator In Greensboro High Rise Broken, City Sets New Deadline

11:33 PM, Aug 18, 2012   |    comments
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Cascades Grandview Apartments

Greensboro, NC -- Tenants at Cascades Grandview Apartments in Greensboro can't seem to catch a break this summer.
The elevator in the nine-story complex is broken and has been for a couple of days.

Residents have to walk up and down the stairs with their groceries and trash.

Curt McCoy, one of the residents, tells us some of his neighbors are on disability and others have health problems and need the elevator.

"It's just one disaster after another. But I'm not going to let that move me," McCoy said.

The elevator problem started earlier this week when Duke Energy cut power to the building after owners couldn't pay their bill for several months.

Greensboro firefighters condemned the building and evacuated the tenants Wednesday night.

Some of the tenants, with no where else to go, spent the night at a local shelter.

They were allowed back in the building Thursday, but the elevator hasn't worked since.

"I was upset at first, but I've learned to take the good with the bad," said McCoy who says he's enjoying the opportunity to exercise up and down his 7th floor unit.

News 2 has been reporting on the complex since June. That was when tenants were left to sweat it out in the heat for weeks while owners fixed a broken central air system.

There have been other minor problems since then.

Friday, managers held a meeting to apologize to the residents for their lack of communication.

Tenants were told they have until next Friday if they want to discuss breaking their lease.

They were also offered a $150 discount on their September rent along with 50% off rent for everyday the air conditioning was off in June and July.

Meanwhile, the city of Greensboro says owners have until Monday to get the elevator back in working order.

If it's not operational by the deadline, they could face a $200 fine and an additional $75 a day everyday it's not fixed after deadline.

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